Interesting facts about Mexican brides and the websites where they dwell

How about arranging your personal life? Are you thinking about it? Are you doing anything to settle things? 

A lot of men who are in the search are unable to find a decent lady in their country or area of habitat – for different reasons. Western ladies are demanding and may say that one guy may not be too wealthy, another is not too good-looking for them, a third one is short or does not have a high social position. These things matter, definitely, but they should not be stopping factors in the searches for your love and arranging your personal life. That is why many men turn their sights to brides from other countries, in particular, to sexy Mexican women.

They are not as demanding and many of them in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the EU are just workers. You may even know one or two Mexicans yourself if you live in a more or less wealthy hood – they are gardeners, drivers, cooks, help, and maids. 

But what about looking beyond that? What about the fact that what you see in the working people around you are not representatives of the best part of the Mexican nation? Have you really seen their wonderful girls? Have you been dating anyone of them? Those who did are totally happy about their selection and they brag about having a beautiful Mexican woman here, there, and everywhere. Increasingly more, Western men choose Mexican brides for marriage, having kids, and building a happy family. Let’s consider the facts about them to actually learn why.

Interesting facts about Mexican women

How much do you know about Mexican culture? Well, living in the US and especially in the states that are close to Mexico, you should know a lot. But more than illegal workers, intruders into your country and those who make the entire crime rate of your hood, if you’re open-minded enough and not think in stereotypes, it would be nice to discover a few positive and interesting facts that we mention below.

Fact #1. Diversity of culture

Mexico is very diverse culturally. Only 10% of Mexicans are actually Mexicans (indigenous ones). Others are immigrants from the US, Europe, Africa, Lebanon, Japan, Syria, China, Koreas – all who arrived here in the 19th and 20th centuries and settled on this land. They are divided into hundreds of groups, with own culture, traditions, language, government. There are so many differently-looking people there that you will wonder. Consecutively, the same diversity is expecting for you on the Mexican women dating sites.

Fact #2. Culture depth

When Mexico was one of the richest countries in the world, there was such a thing as ‘Mexican culture’. Today, it is a mixture of original culture with the ones brought from Africa, Europe, America, and other locations, the people of which live here for 100-200 years. The diversity is so big that the differences are found in every city and village, and even inside of them – every family has something unique.

Fact #3. Cuisine

Wonderful. If we had only one word to describe Mexican cuisine, we’d use ‘Wonderful’. It is rich in smells, flavors, tastes, and satiety. A too little number of other cuisines in the world have the same colorfulness. Spices are the things that make it unique – but unlike India, where the food is spiced spices, or China, where you eat something that is looking at you from under the spices, here in Mexico, you will be saturated with exciting taste in your mouth, which you would like to repeat and to make it never stop. Why do you think local siesta is so important for many? Because during this time, people have a chance to savor food and feel the taste of life itself. When you bring a Mexican mail order bride to your home, together with her, you bring marvelous cuisine.

Fact #4. The Day of the Dead

This special local holiday is not about zombies or anything like that. This is about recalling those who are dead and talking to them through your words, thoughts, and memory. This is about a special connection between those who are still alive and those who have gone to another world. This is, eventually, about love. For everyone who sees only the visual manifestation of the holiday, the celebration of things connected to death will seem odd. But, when you get deeper into the culture, you will realize how much affection and love towards their relatives – alive and dead – Mexicans actually have. This will also be inherent to your Mexican bride.

Fact #5. Humor

Mexican people laugh a lot. They are open-minded, not jammed in their social behavior and have easier character than many people from the West. This means that the best Mexican brides smile sincerely and a lot. Eventually, your wife will be having much lesser reasons to have a bad mood than any wife from the West, which is raised in a society of gloominess, a huge number of responsibilities, social constraints, and obligations.

The list of myths about Mexican ladies

Now as we know some appealing facts about Mexican people, let’s consider some myths.

Myth #1. Mexicans only play one type of music using their guitars

While guitars take a special part in the life of every Mexican, creating many types of folk music, ranging from region to region, they have the vastness of different styles of local music and dances. Also, in addition to the styles that were born and developing in this country, the local musicians are largely influenced by other music styles – such as ska, rock, indie, hip hop, reggae, salsa, jazz, and cumbia, amongst the others. You will be surprised by how modern Mexican music is today. So, it is highly likely that your wife from this country will know several types of dances and will be able to teach you. At least, during the fun time in your life, this fun will be natural and easy.


Myth #2. There is nothing to see in Mexico but the desert

Actually, Mexico is famous for its murals – and there can be hundreds of them in cities and tens – in villages. Painting is in the blood of many people living here and so, love to art should be in the heart of your Mexican bride. Maybe she is a painter herself.

Myth #3. It’s totally hot there, as only the desert is around

What you see from your window in New Mexico and other border states doesn’t mean that entire Mexico is like that – torrid, lifeless, and filled with people escaping from their country through desert or rivers, to the US or to the paws of border officers. There are many big and small cities, which have a nice climate and people in some regions of the country even see the snow from their windows, as the territory has ups and downs, mountains and valleys. The level above the sea is diverse here. So your wife may have more or less tanned skin due to her specific origin in the country.

Why single Mexican women choose foreigners?

  1. Status and prestige. Marrying a white man is the question of these both. A local husband is nothing extraordinary, whilst the white husband from a wealthy country with a nice house, a car, and a nice job is like a victory in a lottery for an average Mexican bride.
  2. They want to escape to some better place – as living in Mexico not always mean living in nice conditions, as this country is not rich. What most people have in Mexico from the ability to earn nice money is joining one of the drug cartels. But there is a high chance to be killed in many drug wars and this is not suitable literally for everyone – definitely, a few women are able to improve their own wealth like that (unlike men). So, marrying someone with a legal stable job is a huge relief. 

Why a regular Westerner wants to meet and marry a Mexican woman?

For Westerners, having a wife from Mexico is also a winning thing – not only vice versa. And here is why:

  1. She is prone to running a house, doing all house chores nicely and smoothly. That includes cooking, gardening, cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, and washing. If you be lucky enough to find a wife who is going to do all these (which is a pretty high chance), you can save a lot of cost of hired personnel devoted to performing different pieces of the named. 
  2. She loves big families and is prone to preserving traditions. Hot Mexican brides were raised in the ambiance where traditions matter and they will be inclined to them during the entire life. Your children (including mutual ones) will be adored and loved, as well as they will be told many stories that your Mexican bride knows – ones from her life, the life of friends and relatives, cultural ones, mythology, beliefs, and much more.
  3. She is hot in bed. Comments? Well, pretty self-explanatory. 

Traditions of a dating with a bride from Mexico

Here are some brief wooing traditions with Mexican brides online.


Tradition #1. Length

When you start to woo a girl in Mexico, not only you wooing her but you also have to signify that you are a worthy wooer to her family – to her mom and dad, firstly. You shall tell her relatives about you, showing your nice social position and job. If they are dissatisfied with your position, they may tell you to improve it. So, wooing may sometimes last for years until everyone is satisfied with who and what you are!

Tradition #2. Many nuances and allowances

You have to approach a dad of a girl several times – if you want to start dating her if you wish to move to the next level, and so on. You will not be left in privacy for a long time until the parents and grandparents of a girl decide you are a good guy and allow you to. The entire wooing is filled with hundreds of nuances and intricacies, where mainly chivalry rules. Also, you have to shower a girl with sweet words, chocolates, flowers, and so on.

The list of Mexican dating websites

Below, we are considering the dating sites and their characteristic traits. 

The legitimate mail order bride sites

We have spent months of investigations and have asked many people, which websites they think are the best to find ladies online – for marriage, one night, spending time together or friendship. Out of hundreds of websites scattered all over the world, on different hosting and belonging to different service providers, and after seeing and hearing what users tell us, we have made this shortlist consisting of four best websites, where you can meet the match of single Mexican brides for sale. Collectively on these websites, there are over a hundred thousand profiles of real women of legal age (all these websites filter those who are under 18, so you shall not worry about things like consent, minority, and other legal blah-blah). 

  1. Mexican brides’ agency

The features of the websites:

  1. Tens of thousands of girls are registered on each of them. A few thousand are online every day, no matter what is the hour of the day. At night and other low hours, there can be hundreds of them online – but not lesser than that.
  2. Great user rating – each website has from 8.9 to 9.4 stars of user rating. This means that people using the websites cherish their ease of use, the niceness of the interface, and opportunities that these websites offer. What can be more important than real user feedback with high evaluations of the workability of those sites?
  3. Very high reply rate. It is calculated based on how many chats and letters are replied by ladies –from the entire bulkiness of those that were sent by men. However, if a girl starts a conversation (and she could), then this either adds 100% of the reply rate to this particular conversation or is not taken into account at all when the percentage is calculated. We are not sure about the exact scheme of the math at the core of the websites but if what we think is true, it means that the response rate is even higher. Why this indicator is important? Because you don’t want your time to be spent in vain, right? Nobody loves when the letters or ‘hi’ that he sends to gals just dissolve in nothingness – and these websites packed with Mexican mail order brides also excel because nearly every letter (9 out of 10 of them) is answered – the same as the chats. That means having a wonderful opportunity for meeting your love with adequate efforts on your side, not like in other online places. 
  4. A possibility to make a thorough search of girls based on many criteria – as many as the fields in the profiles of every woman and man. You can filter your future spouse by age, height, weight, religion, education, country of origin (if you happen to use not a website specifically where Mexican brides for marriage dwell but the one with broader embrace), outlooks, the purpose of her searches, and many other fields. What is more appropriate – you can save the filters’ selection to reuse them in the future. You aren’t limited in the number of search queries you do, as well as you can use other ones to simplify your search or to make it more sophisticated.

Mexican wives vs other wives

  1. Mexican women may speak 2-4 languages (as there are over 300 languages and dialects in Mexico, and the US is near) vs a Western woman who mainly speaks one or two at max.
  2. Hotness in the blood, heart, dancing, loving, and in the bed of hot Mexican women vs. coldness of white women, who consider that all they have to do is to lie back like a log and wait for a guy to do the entire job.
  3. The richness of education. Science is strong in Mexico and so your wife is likely to be cleverer and with higher IQ than white ladies who only think, they are dominative in everything just because of skin without too much melanin inside, which makes them pale.
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